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Any activity or industry being undertaken on land over much of Queensland is secondary to the overlay of mining and resource exploration. It is very confronting for people to be faced with expulsion from their land, homes and communties to accomodate coal, gas, solar and wind power developments.

Bimblebox Nature Refuge

Nature Refuges are classified by the Queensland government in their biodiversity conservation strategies and legislation as being within the Protected Areas system. They are included in the statistics provided to the Commonwealth government and U.N. as contributing to Australia meeting its international commitments to biodiversity conservation under the Convention on Biological Diversity. To give integrity to these statistics and stop the decline of Queensland’s biodiversity conservation, Nature Refuges should be protected from large scale mining and forestry projects. It is a failing of the strategies and legislation and must be rectified to secure the safety and reputation of our reserve system Reforms to government legislation and policies are needed to improve protection of biodiversity in Nature Refuges and protect the human rights of Nature Refuge landowners. The Land Court Decision summarised in the Appendix confirms everything that is wrong. PTBA has represented this issue consistently since first presenting to Minister Andrew Powell LNP. Nothing has improved to support nature refuge owners who undertook to care for their land in perpetuity.

The boundary line of this protected area Bimblebox Image Dougal Gillman.

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Environmental Impacts of the Moreton Resources Kingaroy Coal Mine Development

Developing agricultural land for coal mining does not allow communities to ‘co-exist and allow all to operate in unison’, nor is it ‘environmentally sustainable’. Such developments have the potential to destroy the biodiversity of the landscape. There is a perception that agricultural land has no environmental value and hence mining has no adverse environmental impact. This is shown not to be the case. Agricultural production is lost from the affected land holdings.

Avondale Survey Report

Members of PTBA have had, and will continue to have, close association with landholders and communities affected by the major resource developments planned for Queensland, as and when those developments strategically impact areas of biological diversity valued by the community. There is no assessment of the cumulative impact of the thousands of gas well pads, pipelines, pits, management easements, and power easements cleared for resource extraction. Each application is dealt with in isolation. In this particular situation, the areas affected by Fox Resources Coal Mine will largely affect highly productive agricultural land. The woodland to be cleared over the mine footprint at Avondale is substantial and should be of concern. PTBA has undertaken monitoring of the biodiversity around Avondale by recording the botany and monitoring birds seasonally.

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