About Us

Protect the Bush Alliance unites the efforts of citizen scientists who are passionate about protecting Queensland’s biodiversity. Our volunteers gather and use environmental data to speak up for nature.

Protect the Bush Alliance partners with landholders and local communities to protect their local areas, understand their priorities and collaborate for better conservation outcomes. 

We actively advocate for the conservation of areas of High Conservation Value and areas significant to local communities. Through submissions, storytelling and publicity, we help protect these places from land clearing, inappropriate mining and other landscape-degrading activities.

What We Do

Collect and share biodiversity information

Community campaigning


Political and media advocacy

Protect the Bush Alliance empowers landholders and local communities to protect their local area. We work in partnership to understand local priorities and collaborate for better conservation outcomes.


The data collected by our citizen scientists can help decision-makers understand the likely outcome of land use choices. Decisions made without this critical data can too easily cause irreversible damage to nature.

A Network of Passionate Supporters

Protect the Bush Alliance volunteers, members, and supporters all share a desire to be part of something bigger. We know we can achieve more by working together.


Our members have a diverse range of environmental expertise and experience. Many are subject matter experts, professionally trained in botany, ornithology, landscape ecology, zoology, and entomology.

Meet Our People

Sheena Gilman


Dr. Stephen Prowse

Survey Coordinator

Dr. Christine Galbraith


Dr. Bridget Lewis


Sophie Rawson

Dr. Richard Noske

Tida Nou

Dr. Rhonda Green

Vanessa Moscato Bsc (Hons)

Mr. Paul Donatiu

Judith Hoyle

We also have 23 member organisations, including nature, environmental and conservation organisations, Nature Refuge owners, and businesses.

Our History

Protect the Bush Alliance was founded in 2012 by representatives of BirdLife Southern Queensland, National Parks Association of Queensland, Birds Queensland, Wildlife Queensland, Queensland Trust for Nature and the Project Officer of Wild Rivers Alliance at Queensland Conservation Council.


This alliance brought together individuals and organisations to work collaboratively to protect Queensland’s flora and fauna. Since then, other organisations, nature refuge owners, landholders and individuals have joined the alliance.

As a collective, we have become a powerful force to hold decision-makers accountable and influence better outcomes for the natural environment.


Over the last decade, our organisation has provided multiple submissions to the Queensland Government. We advocate for improved environmental legislation and better approaches to development.

Protect the bush

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How We Fund Our Work

As a non-for-profit organisation, Protect the Bush Alliance is funded by everyday people just like you. This money is used to support survey work in places where biodiversity is under threat. 


Donations are non-tax deductible.